Thursday, April 12, 2018

Random Humor

It's been a while since I've done Friday Funnies. So, I figured I'd throw out some random humor to satisfy the natives.

Squirrels in certain settings are a nuisance vermin to be eradicated with extreme prejudice. For instance, if I ever find out where the squirrels living in my walls are getting in, there will be an eviction notice followed by a pink cloud with a slightly coppery taste.

Or a roach if The Queen happens to be around.

Yep, it needs more cow bell.

Must've eaten the chili. Good Dragon.

I unlocked that achievement ages ago. I've  even moved on to being in trouble for something The Queen DREAMED that I did. That's just messed up.

This would be My Sister...The Devil. My brother in law, Jack of All Trades, should be taking the hint, but I think he's just got a death wish.

Yep, and the cafeteria ladies get bacon wrapped AKs.

It's only a month late with this one. Obviously, I've been collecting these for a while.

I would laugh, but it's true.

Here lately, a faked death and a cross country relocation sounds mighty appealing.

Just avoid the Bizmarks on April Fool's day. You'll avoid a whole lot of heart ache.

When is this little hypocrite's 15 minutes going to be up? Where's the praise for the JROTC hero who was killed?

Refill early and often.

The only answer is "Yes, please."

Just because I love Disc World.


  1. Are you sure pic 2 wasn't hunting for Moose and Squirrel?

    1. Ody, I suppose it could be, but I thought Boris was shorter and had a pencil mustache.


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