Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Here a while back, a little over two years ago to be more specific but no more precise, I wrote a quick post about some of M&M's cuter vocabulary choices. It had about the average number of page views but was an underloved and uncommented post. These things happen. I don't expect comments on every single post from every single reader. I do this for my own sanity. Your comments, while greatly appreciated and always well received, are a side benefit of my own self prescribed mental therapy.

So, of course, I have to add to it since M&M the Wonder Midget (a term of endearment she hates) continues to grow and develop which includes adding to her verbal repertoire.

First, a visual point of reference.

M&M is addicted to these things. Anytime we are on a road trip and stop at a gas station, truck stop or convenience store, large or small, she asks if they have any of these "sucky juicy things". She is, of course, enamored with the cartoon character tops. She has a pretty complete set of the Paw Patrol characters as well as a few others. Anytime we stop, she pipes up with "Can I go inside with Dad?" The Queen and I know what she's hinting at, but we don't care. It's cute. I will say, these buggers are pretty pricey for the amount of  juice you get out of them though.

The second M&Mism that I am recording for posterity is her new term of endearment for dear old dad (that'd be me). At random times, she will call for me by the name "Dadwah" (she says it pretty much like it's spelled..."dad wah" with the "wah" slightly drawn out for effect). Which, of course, endears me to her even more than normal.

One of these days, I'm getting a hat with that embroidered on it. Maybe a nice polo shirt with that embroidered over a pocket.

I just hope she keeps being cute and coming up with fun ways to look at the world. It's a lot more interesting that way.


  1. I will not let this go with no comment.....so here is my comment. Yes, I find it cute too. Yes, a tasteful monogram on a polo shirt would look good. No, you faithful readers will not start a GoFundMe page to finance polo shirts. You are welcome.

    1. JPD, I hadn't expected my faithful readers to cough up cash. I've had my wish list up for years, and there have been no contributors yet.

  2. You can get those things from the grocery store at only strong arm instead of highway robbery prices. My kids used to love them too.

    1. Odysseus, I'll have to check next time in a regular grocery store. I've never seen them in the stores I normally frequent.


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