Monday, March 16, 2020

I Will Never Know...

I was at Total Wine a few days ago to get a bottle or two for The Queen. While there, I spotted this. 

According to the Glenfiddich website, that is a 70 centiliter bottle. The Google conversion math wizard says that converts to 24 ounces more or less.  So, a wee dram of that Sccotch is just a touch over $1583 an ounce. 

Blink, blink. 

That drink was distilled and casked in the year I was born give or take a year or two. As curious as I am to find out how it tastes, I never will. I can't even bring myself to spend more than $30 for a bottle of wine. No way I'm ever going to be able to buy a bottle of Scotch that costs more than every car I've ever owned. 

Still though...any one wanting to gift me a tumbler full can reach out to me through the blog. I'll even say real nice things about the benefactor. 


  1. Sorry Hawk, no gifts from me of that kind of vintage. I will send you a half roll of TP I found at the back of my bathroom linen closet... best I can do. I am with you, I never could see my way to spend an amazing amount of money for something you rent as it passes through you. Beer is far cheaper rent.

    1. Cederq, no worries. I wasn't holding my breath on a sip of that. I did have an almost opportunity a few years ago to taste Laphroaig 40, but I could never get connected up with the person who had it.

  2. It's a shrewd Scotsman who can take a single barrel of scotch, put it away for a few decades, and coerce those willing to believe it's not just another scotch into spending a huge amount of money for what probably couldn't be discerned in a taste test.

    I'd taste it, but wouldn't pay over $1.50 for the opportunity.

    1. Jess, I suspect you are 100% correct in your statement. Frankly, I gave up trying to figure out what good drink is supposed to taste like and started focusing on what I liked to drink. I don't care how much it costs; if it tastes like bad breath and diesel fuel, I'm not interested.


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