Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger's Having Round of His Life...

Welcome to the Golf Channel.

It's sunny and cold here at the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Invitational, but that's never stood in the way of Tiger as he slices his way through the course like it's a cherry pie.

There is a raucous, party like atmosphere in the gallery as Tiger makes his way to the eleventh hole. He's been having a truly amazing round. He's been just tearing up the course in a way we haven't seen since Ron Jeremy took up the sport. He's made a hole in one on every hole. He just makes it look effortless, and he seems to be having so much fun out there while he's doing it.

He's even so contemptuous of the competition that he's playing each hole more than once with the same results every time. You'd think playing each hole repeatedly would have an effect on Tiger's stamina, but he's not ready to lie down and quit just yet. He's unstoppable. If Viagra doesn't dump Bob Dole as a spokesperson and sign up Tiger while he's hot like this, they need to seriously reevaluate their marketing strategy.

Tiger hasn't even had to use his irons or his putter today. He's been doing it all with his driver. That's just as well, when we snuck a look at his golf bag earlier, we noticed his nine iron was missing.

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  1. You are so bad! So, so bad. And frackin' hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  2. Poor Tiger, no wonder he took up golfing it doesn't really require much work .. the real work is when he's on tour without his wifey..

  3. GunDiva, you are welcome. I try to keep things light with a touch of dry humor, but sometimes you just have to turn the sarcasm on full blast.

    Paul, I think Tiger took up golf because it pays better than being a porn star and allows him to indulge his hobbies like spanking and hair pulling. BTW, checked out your blog, it brings back painful memories of my days working at Walmart and Best Buy. Good stuff.


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