Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dead Man Walking

If I were married to any other woman besides The Queen, I would be a dead man right now. Please allow me to explain. 

The Queen and I went out to lunch today at one of our regular Mexican food haunts. Since it was a beautiful day here in north Texas and we had brought one of the mutts with us, we decided to sit out on the patio to enjoy our meal. 

Now, The Queen is notorious for managing to get stray bits of food in places you might not expect. As we were leaving the restaurant to walk back to the car, The Queen asked me an innocent enough question:
"Do I have any cheese hanging off my butt?"
Most men who fear for their marriages and their manhood would just turn around and walk away from that question without getting within heavy artillery distance. Had I married any other woman, I might have chosen to do the same. However, I did not marry just any woman. I married the BEST woman. A woman with a sense of humor. A woman who can laugh at herself. A woman who loves her husband as much as he loves her. 

Having had a good night's sleep last night and a good day so far, The Snark was strong in me today. I bravely responded with:
"Just cottage cheese dear."
The Queen laughed. 

Ladies, don't be offended. It was said in jest, and The Queen knew it. Gentlemen, feel free to be jealous.


  1. Blue Steel, smart is over rated.

  2. Blue Steel said it.
    You're a Brave Man, Bubba!

  3. You are a lucky man.

    But, then, she knows that you think the sun rises and sets when she tells it to :)

  4. I would be jealous if I didn't have my own BEST woman to walk beside me and laugh AT herself and AT me and together....

    you are a lucky and Blessed man though..:o)

  5. Guffaw, is it really bravery to say something when you know how it will be received?

    GunDiva, Blessed...yes. I pray everyday that she never finds out that she got the short end of the stick in this deal.

    Mr. Daddy, agreed. Good for you to have found a good woman.


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