Friday, April 29, 2011

My Patience Wore Out

Okay, I think I finally reached the end of my patience. I called the number provided on the secret squirrel application website to see if I could get anymore detailed information regarding what is happening with my law school application. I was told that the committee is actively reviewing it, and they are having meetings over the next couple of days. I was told that a decision was likely sometime early next week.

We shall see. If there's no decision by Thursday, I'm sending in the rescue team to free my application from whatever bureaucratic log jam has captured it.

In other news, Brigid posted a fun piece that I've spotted on a couple of other blogs recently about the world's shortest letters. She solicited contributions. I had a sudden snark attack and commented with:
"Dear President Obama,
Please go screw Michelle for a change.
The American Taxpayer"
 I couldn't help myself. Really.


  1. Yeah... I'm not so enamored of the change either...

    just saying.....

  2. Mr. Daddy, I think I'd settle for more hope and less change at this point. Unfortunately, the Republican candidates are not offering me much of that at this point. If Trump runs as a third party candidate, it's going to be 1992 all over again with Perot stealing the election from Bush Sr. and giving it to Clinton.


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