Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pitter Patter

To The Child who God has selected for us:

I wanted to take a few minutes to write you a little letter telling you that The Queen and I are very anxious to meet you. We have been waiting a long time for you to come into our lives, and we so desperately want to get to know you and see you grow up with all the love and joy we can shower upon you. Don’t worry. We won’t smother you.

We thought last Thursday was going to be the day we would get to meet you when The Queen received a call from the nice lady at the agency about a little girl (not even three weeks old yet) who needed a home right away. It turned out to be a false alarm though. That little girl did not turn out to be you. She had three other siblings, and she was placed in a home that would take all four of them together. We were disappointed for moment because we were so very excited that we might be getting to meet you that day, but we quickly realized that we needed to continue patiently awaiting your arrival.

Mimi was disappointed she didn’t get to meet you too. I think she can’t wait to have another grandchild to spoil. We hadn’t told Oma or Opa yet. The Queen wants to surprise them with your arrival. Grandpa B. says he’s looking forward to meeting you. I’m sure he is, but I hope he’s a little more diligent about visiting you than he has been about visiting your cousins.

You may wonder why I am writing this letter to you and posting it here for the whole world to see even before you’ve set foot in our home. It’s entirely possible that you might not even have set foot in the world yet. I decided to write to you now so that you would know that you were loved and wanted even before we knew who you were.

We’ve spent a lot of time getting ready for your arrival. We had to take classes so that the State of Texas would license us as foster parents. The Queen spent a lot of time getting the house ready for your arrival. She’s cleaned and organized, removed a lot of clutter, shopped for clothes and sheets and stuff. I’ve helped some too, but I have to work and go to school which takes up a lot of time. Boooo!

Don’t worry though, I will find a way to make plenty of time for you. We have so many things to do together. There’s a whole world out there for us to experience together. The Queen and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Sasha, Boo, Numbnutt, J.G., Spanky and Filbert also can’t wait to give you warm, furry (or scaly as the case may be) and wet hugs and kisses. They will love to have someone small and energetic to play with. Especially Spanky. We think the little guy gets a little bored around here with all the older animals.

We hope you will arrive soon. We are patient, but we are also greedy. We want to spend as much time with you as possible.

With Love,

The Shepherd and The Queen


  1. I am so happy for you and the Queen! As you know, my Mom and Dad adopted me out of foster care. They were older than most kids parents and could not have been more patient and kind with my brother and I.

    It is an experience that will not only enrich your life but well may save theirs. Bless you.

  2. How wonderful...thank you for sharing this warm and loving letter to your future child with us.

  3. SSSShhhh!!!!! "wiping a tear" please don't tell anyone...:o( I am a sucker for a sappy story. Especially when it is heart felt...

    "o" yea! congratulations (even if it is a little early.... :o)

  4. Awww...

    Your future child will be so lucky to have you and the Queen :)

    And, Mr Daddy, I always knew you were a softie!

  5. Brigid, thanks. I just hope I am up to the task of being a good father. The Queen is one of those rare people who is truly gifted with children. So, if nothing else, they will have the world's greatest mom.

    Stephen, you are welcome.

    Mr. Daddy, Shhhhssshhh!! Don't tell anyone that I shed a tear or two writing it.

    GunDiva, we'll be lucky to have the future child.

  6. "I just hope I am up to the task of being a good father."

    You'll find out how easy it is once she's home with you!

    I had an Oma and Opa, too; my Opa is looking at me from Korea right now from the pictures on my cubicle.

  7. CTone, I sure hope it's easy. It's not like there is an owner's manual or instruction manual for kids.

    Were you Oma and Opa of German ancestry?

  8. well heck now Shepherd! i thought we was friends! now ya got me bawling my eyes out - i can barely type - can't see the keyboard!

    i can only imagine what i would think if i read such a beautiful letter written by my father to myself! i think it would inspire me to go on and do incredibly, great things.

    which is what your child will do. there IS a special child out there for you and your Queen. an incredibly lucky child. a child that will do great things. a child that will be full of confidence because of yours and the Queens love.

    i know it. i know it, my friend!

    what a beautiful letter to write to a child! what a beautiful letter!

    your friend (who likes you even more than before!),

  9. kymber, thanks. That's the beauty of bloggerland. You either ruin your keyboard from beverage spewage or go blind from tearage.

  10. Dammit, you made me get all misty eyed. Now I have to go yell at someone so I can feel more like myself.

    Congrats on your future baby!! Y'all are going to rock the parenting thing and she (or he) will be super lucky to have you!!

  11. Candance, thanks. Congrats on the engagement. Feel free to yell at me if it makes you feel better.


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