Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At Brigid's Request

Many of you who read here also read Brigid's blog, Home on the Range. If you don't, you have my sincerest condolences for missing out on some seriously good writing, drool worthy recipes and a host of other goodness including some great photography. If you do, you know that her brother is battling cancer and is facing a bone marrow transplant.

Brigid made a simple request a few weeks ago now that we spread the word regarding blood donation. With M&M's adoption followed by the craziness of the week that followed with illness o' plenty, I am just now getting around to fulfilling her request.

If you are not pathologically afraid of needles as I am (thanks to a bad experience at age 6 or so), please consider donating blood. I've given blood exactly two times as an adult and once in high school. Someone needs to pick up the slack for me.

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