Sunday, February 3, 2013

M&M...A Year (or so) In Pictures, Part 2

Before I proceed with the picture sharing, I thought I'd take a moment to let everyone know that Mini Me and The Banshee have moved on to another foster home. It was not exactly the outcome we wanted; but, unfortunately, it was the outcome that became necessary.

As I mentioned in the omnibus M&M post, I came down with a viral infection a couple of days before adoption day. Well, M&M and The Queen must have thought that was great fun because they both followed suit with viral infections of their own leaving Daddy Hawk to attempt to care for a household of two sick people, two infants, a five year old, himself and a job. Let's just say that one or more of those responsibilities began to suffer.

SOS' to Mimi and Grandpaw were sent out and some help was received. Unfortunately, they both have commitments that prevented their full time help. The Queen and I had already decided that we would be getting out of the foster parenting business after we adopted M&M. These turn of events just hastened the decision to transition Mini Me and The Banshee to another home. We had hoped to see them through their return to their parents. Unfortunately, the parents had dragged their feet too long and there was still no end in sight for their situation.

Mini Me took the move well. I think he understood even if he didn't particularly agree with it. The Banshee will probably not remember in the long run, but she gave me a haunting look of desperation when I put her in her new foster mom's car. It was as if she was pleading with me not to abandon her. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it was not a pleasant memory to end on.

We will be seeing them again as we have promised some furniture to the parents when they get a place.

Without further adieu, we now return to our scheduled programming...

One of my favorite ways to nap now. M&M's too apparently.

Spanky continuing his efforts to investigate this creature that consumes his humans' time.

The Queen snuggling with M&M.

The Queen, Spank and M&M enjoying some quality snuggle time.

This is one of my favorite photos of M&M. It was the cover photo on my iPad for many months until replaced by another.

M&M attempts to use the force. These are not the droids you are looking for.

M&M sacks out on The Queen during church.

Another favorite of mine. I love the lighting in this picture.

Fresh from bath time.

Oma and M&M.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. From my imp: "Oh, so cute! Dat baby has a mommy and a daddy, too. Dey love der baby!" He's four.

    From my pixie: "Oh, a baby. I see baby! I love baby. Mama, want baby, too? (makes kissing sound, leaning toward my laptop screen) I kiss baby. Baby sleeping on mama." She's two.

    Needless to say, my kids think yours is precious (so do I). And the pixie threw a fit when I closed the tab.

    1. HH, that's awesome. Thanks for sharing their responses.

  3. Those pictures make my heart smile. Beautiful!

    1. A Girl, parts 3 and 4 are scheduled. Part is in the works. More smiles to follow.

  4. Awwwwwww.

    I have a classy frame that holds two photos, and has an inlaid enamel rectangle with a pair of newborn feet and a quote engraved in the metal around it.

    Even before the Fries came to live with us, I put in a picture of a newborn Large Fry in the 4x6 spot, and then a shot of the newborn twins in the 3x3. They are, really, the only baby pictures I have of my babies when they were really babies. I kind of envy you that you have that with M&M.

    But it's a good envy. Honest.

    1. Auntie J, one of the things I plan on doing as soon as I get the official adoption day photos back from number one follower is to take one of her preemie outfits with diaper and have them framed with the adoption day photo. It's going to be so cute.


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