Monday, April 15, 2013

An Open Letter

Dear Dr. Kermit Gosnell*,

You do not know me, and I do not know you. My God warns me not to judge others lest I be judged myself; however, I your case, I would say that you had best be glad that I am not on the jury or in the same room with you. That judging others thing and the whole "vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord" thing just might have to be conveniently forgotten for a time.

Having said that, I do not write to condemn you as God will see to that far better than I ever can no matter how temporarily satisfying it may be to me. No, instead I write to thank you. I know that may come as a shock to you at this point in your legal troubles; however, it is a true and sincere thanks that I offer you nonetheless.

Why do I wish to thank you? Quite simply, you have succeeded in restoring some small measure of my humanity to me that I had thought lost forever. You see, I have been in the insurance claims business for over 17 years now, and I have seen some much injury, death and destruction that I am numb to it. I became immune to the tragedies of others. Very little, if anything, disturbs me to my core anymore.

That is, until you came to my attention. When I first read the story of your alleged crimes a week or so ago, I was not surprised that it had not made bigger headlines. Why cover the legal troubles of an abortion doctor when there is the blood of innocents to dance in in the furtherance of a gun control agenda?

Then I scanned an article too fast and saw a photo depicting the results of your "snipping" procedure. To say that I was shocked is an understatement, and I do not shock easily. I have seen charred bodies, decapitations and more in my line of work far more often that I care to admit. Those tragedies were merely the result of accident and misfortune. Your procedure, in comparison, is the work of precise, clinical intent.

And that is what disturbed me to my core.

That you could look at a perfectly formed infant (and don't you dare try to say it was nothing more than a fetus) and do what you do without a second thought is in my mind absolute purest evil far worse than anything that Jeffrey Dahmer or any other mass killer has done. Not only have you decimated an entire population of infants, you did with absolute cold hearted precision and you took payment for the service.

As a new father thanks to the miracle of adoption, my heart truly breaks for the hundreds and probably thousands of lives that you have ended. I do not understand what would lead a woman to seek out the services you and others like you provide, and it is not in my power to forgive in this lifetime. Perhaps I am not spiritually converted enough yet, but it is the truth nonetheless.

God will surely demand a reckoning from you, and I pray that I will be able to see His justice done.

In the meantime, I do thank you for showing me that there is still some humanity residing within me.


Daddy Hawk

P.S. Seriously, never, ever come into my presence. Witnesses will not protect you.

P.P.S. Since the death penalty does not appear to be on the table for you, I'd ask for solitary confinement if I were you.

*For those that do not know or have not heard who Dr. Gosnell is, Goggle him at your own risk. Scan articles slowly as some contain graphic photos that can not be unseen.


  1. Thank you for saving me from having to view the images of his work.
    While I've read about his activities, I have not seen any pictures. For that I am truly thankful.

    As a father/grandfather (a 'little girl getting married next year, a son getting married this year and a son with a wife and 3 grandkids); please let me know how I can help you the most.
    Should I be there in case you encounter this 'person' or try to get on the jury in case you encounter him.

    Your Servant

    1. Bob, you are welcome. I have long been silent about abortion both here on the blog and in real life. I don't think I can be silent any longer. If there is any one thing that I would ask of you and others is to shout from the rooftops about the real holocaust being committed in this country. The pure, unadulterated hypocrisy exhibited by liberal politicians, judges and the media is nothing short of conspiracy in my opinion. If you are going to argue for gun control "for the children", where is the outcry against abortion "for the children." It makes me sick to think of it. All I see is my daughter's face. It makes me want to unleash violence upon those who are complicit in these horrors. "For the children" of course.

  2. May God have mercy on his soul. I am not capable of mercy for such as this man

    1. Jennifer, your comment posted twice for some reason. So, I deleted one.

      I pray for God's mercy as well, but I confess that a part of. Me would like to see the vengeance of the God who took down Sodom and Gomorrah and let loose a bunch of plagues in Egypt.


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