Friday, May 2, 2014

Zombie Humor

Saw this...

...whilst stuck in the drive through the other day.

It made me laugh. Especially the zombie dog holding zombie kid's leg in his mouth.

Then, it made me want to grab this...

photo courtesy of Bowen Classic Arms' website

...and end the scourge of free range stick zombies killing of helpless stick families everywhere.

Then, I remembered the rules for dealing with the zombie apocalypse. If the stick family was irresponsible enough to leave their stick guns and stick machetes at home, then they deserve to be eaten.

I really need more caffeine.


  1. Yeah, quit trying to save the unprepared! (Unless it's me you're saving.)

    1. GunDiva, the day you are unprepared will be the day unicorns excrete honest politicians.


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