Monday, February 4, 2019

Ticks! Huge, Bloated, Milk Sucking Ticks!!

As of this morning, the ticks puppies are two weeks old. Their eyes are open now, and I'm pretty sure they've doubled in size already. Hard to tell without taking a measuring stick to their wiggly butts. They eat like there is no tomorrow. They go to the vet for the first time in about 3 weeks. Depending on how long Momma Lucy Laverne puts up with them, they should be adoptable in another 5 or  6 weeks. My Sister...the Devil is inclined to adopt Lucy Laverne pending introductions between LL and their current dog, a 14 year old lab named Chewy. He's a bit of a curmudgeon, but I think he'll take a shower, shave and hair cut when he sees Lucy Laverne in all her glory. So far, 3 or 4 people have expressed interest in adopting pups. If you are so inclined and you are reasonably close to the North Texas area, drop a comment. We'll make arrangements. 

Bashfule in dream land.

Bashful in his favorite position. 

Sleepy passed out on Snow White. 

The Holstein Twins, Grumpy and Dopey, Doc, Bashful and Sleepy.

Look at those teeny little pink paws!!

One of the Holstein Twins snoring through a tongue snorkel.

M&M with Bashful??

Such a cute face.

Sneezy and Doc snoozing.


  1. I am in North Texas and Love me all kinda pups (especially rescues). But I am at my max population density according to the local city ordinances.

    So I will stand back and admire the pups and give thanks for those who rescued and cared for them. And give thanks to those who came forward to offer offer God's Blessings upon mankind a home, hearth, and family forever more. Amen

    MSG Grumpy

    1. MSG Grumpy, if you're at max density, no one can say you haven't done your part. God bless you for caring for yours too.


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