Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Girl in Her Happy Place

The crown princess, M&M, communing with her riding instructor's horse, Primera. M&M is horse crazy like no other kid I've seen. She's trying to convince me to build a barndominium with a horse stall on the other side of the wall from her bedroom. I asked if she wanted a window into the stall too. 

I'm destined to go broke feeding animals and stroke out while cleaning up horse turds.


  1. No turd goes unnoticed...You are poor now, wait till ya get her a horse, a corral, a shed and small barn, a horse trailer, tack, riding lessons, vet bills, I could go on?

    1. Cederq, I made her do a realistic cost estimate of what it would cost to buy a horse, all the tack, etc. and monthly feed and vet bills, speak to my cousin's wife who owns and trains horses so she knows what she's getting into. I also let her know that it's a big responsibility which I will expect her to step up to.

  2. When living in Lower Alabama, had 9 acres and raised Boer Goats for sale, I had about 35 head. I used that to support my racking mule habit...


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