Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little Something About Something

I've been feeling very guilty about not having posted anything recently. I have absolutely no excuse. Actually, I do have excuses. But this isn't the excuse hotline. For those who were concerned, I've gotten over the garden variety crud with which was I was quarantined for a week or so.

So, now, to reward my loyal followers and let them know they are not forgotten, I feel compelled to write something. Ready...wait for it....


Good night.


  1. Smart arse! Glad to see you're alive and kicking. Have a post in mind that you may enjoy in the future; but it's going to take some research on my part and that takes time. I think you told me to post something profound about healthcare - I'm working on it :)

  2. My arse is glad to be complimented for its intelligence. It is now childishly thumbing a cheek at the brain.

    Can't want to see you profound contribution. Just don't get too bogged down in the research. Remember what Mark Twain said: "There's lies, damned lies and statistics."


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