Friday, February 12, 2010

When Snowmen Get Desperate

"Let me in!!! I'm too cute to melt."


  1. Awww...
    but wouldn't he melt faster inside? Or are you trying to freeze out the Queen?

  2. I think he was trying to make a plea for space in the freezer, and I was actually trying (successfully) to make The Queen laugh.

  3. Glad you were successful in making her laugh :)

  4. So, your little small snowman is what I remember as a kid typically making in Texas. You know, the six inch tall ones. Then this year HOly Smokes what happened?!?! So we made a 7 foot snowman.

    I should have been clever and made one looking in like yours.

  5. SUT, I agree. I remember many a pathetic snow man from my youth in the North Texas 'burbs. It was rare to get snow that would pack and roll right much less enough accumulation for anything significant. Actually, my inspiration for this munchkin was the old Calvin & Hobbs cartoons of Calvin's snow creations. There was one in particular he made looking in the window at his dad. Priceless.


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