Thursday, December 8, 2011

Entertainment Weekly

As The Queen will attest were she to take an interest in this blog after encouraging this outlet for my creativity, I am the last person you would ever want to ask about anything related to the entertainment industry. I could not care less which celebrity is being arrested for molesting doorknobs while driving under the influence of Chihuahua flatulence this week. I stepped off the "I give a flying flip at a rolling donut" pop culture bus sometime in the '90s and haven't really missed it. 

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching television and movies. I can normally identify major actors and their significant filmography without too much stuttering and "What's his name again?" I'm just not emotionally invested in the people or the goings on of Hollywood beyond the characters they portray. To borrow a phrase from another blogger (Jennifer...I think), just shut up and dance monkey.

So, for me to actually feel like something from the entertainment world is important enough to waste time and pixels to comment on should say something. The reason for this detour into gossip columnist territory is the Discovery show Sons of Guns. 

SOG ended last season with a cliff hanger.  The show's comic relief and heir apparent to the title of chief monkey, Kris Ford, was seen asking permission to date the boss' daughter, Stephanie. Without getting into the dynamic of fishing off the company pier for a moment or the attractiveness of Ms. Stephanie, let's examine the a) lack of gray matter between Kris' ears, or b) the size and composition of his family jewels. He asked his BOSS, a retired MARINE and maker of some serious WEAPONRY with access to untold acres of SWAMPLAND in which to HIDE a body, if he can date the BOSSman's daughter who is a gun nut in her own right. Either there is a "for rent" sign occupying the space inside Kris's skull or he has titanium armored, depleted uranium core cajones living in his boxers. 

After having watched all episodes of the show so far, I would have to say that Mr. Ford is not stupid. He may be insane and/or be a love sick puppy, but he has too many cool ideas to be a world class moron. That leaves....

At the end of last season, the bossman, Will Hayden, gave Kris a choice: the job or the girl. I have to admit that I've been waiting for the answer for several months now, and last night was the pay off. Kris, in what I think was an excellent display of respect and humility towards his boss/father of the girl, chose the girl. I don't care who you are, it takes guts to be ready and willing to walk out on a dream job in this economy. To do it for someone you care about, should tell that person and anyone else volumes about your priorities in life. 

I hope she appreciates it, and I wish them the best of luck dealing with the pressures of dating in the company pond and the fish bowl of national TV. I'll be watching.


  1. Shepherd - i think i already told you but we don't have tv, haven't for over a year, and won't ever. we pretty much watch the same 13 movies over and over when we want to watch tv...oh and we have those movies now memorized and will do the dialogue during the day at very strange times...but we are strange.

    so anyway - blogs are the only way i can learn about new shows as i hate you tube and won't watch anything onscreen. so i appreciate any future reviews that you will do on my behalf. thank you friend!

    your friend,

  2. kymber, The Queen and I do enjoy our TV and movies, and we quote movie lines at odd times. I can usually crack her up with "pervert" Stitch (Disney movie Lilo & Stitch). Think of the Stitch voice talking about body parts being small and broken. I'll try to keep the reviews coming. The car reviews are the most popular posts of all time. So, the demand is there.

  3. We do so agree...he's a smart young man and made a wise decision...I just wonder, was it scripted.

  4. Stephen, I don't think it was scripted. From what I understand of these shows, the producers may encourage a certain interaction or pose a question to generate some interesting dialogue, but the actions and words are left up to the people in front of the camera.


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