Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome New Follower - Part 41

This is becoming habit forming...and I like it. I received a comment from SciFiChick earlier today letting me know she had made the dubious decision to follow yours truly. Welcome, SciFiChick. I'd offer you some coffee, but I can't stand the stuff. Your options are bourbon or iced tea.

According to her Blogger profile, she is currently involved with four blogs all of which appear to be focused on the prepper movement. Is it really a movement or is really just something we should have all learned when we grew up but failed to because we were indoctrinated by public schools? I Digress. Her flagship appears to be Bacon and Eggs. With a title like that, what's not to like? Oh, and if that's not enough, her post for today is a recipe for Hillbilly Pie which I am going to have to try. I can't resist a good dessert recipe.

Anypie, go check her out. Since The Queen and I have been feeling the need to become more self sufficient here lately, I plan on watching SciFiChick's blog for more recipes and information on what I should have learned 30 years ago.


  1. Sci Fi Chick is a great lady and I have always enjoyed her blog. (Plus she has excellent taste, it seems). Welcome!

  2. SciFi is a dear, dear friend of mine and my original canning partner! i have known her for several years now and can only say one thing - she and her husband Mars are incredibly good people. i am glad that she found her way here.

    treat her well Shepherd...she has much to share! welcome Sci gurl!

    your friend,

  3. Brigid, a recommendation from you is the blogger equivalent of a favor from Don Corleone.

  4. kymber, I promise I will treat her well. As you've figured out, we play by the Golden Rule around here.

  5. Wow! I am flattered beyond words... and that's really something for me as I'm never at a loss for words. And Shepherd you are sooo right about Don Corleone. LOL!! Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

  6. SciFiChick, you are welcome and thank you for following.


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