Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daddy Hawk’s Advice to M&M, Part 2

1. Have dreams and goals. Everyone needs something for which to strive. 

Corollary: Have a plan to achieve your dreams and goals. 

Codicil to the Corollary: Be flexible in your plans. Life is not fair, and a plan is nothing more than an idea that has not been beaten into submission by cold, hard reality.   

2. “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” Col. 3:23 NKJV 

3. Guys and girls cannot be “just friends”. 

Corollary: Most guys that say they are “just your friend” still want to sleep with you. 

Addendum to the Corollary: Good luck getting them to admit that. 

Exceptions: Very rare. 

4. Don't ever buy a time share. 

Corollary: No, really. Don't. EVER! 

Exceptions: I can't think of one. 

5. Perfection does not exist in this life time. There are no perfect people, political candidates, churches, schools or spouses or anything else for that matter. There has only been one perfect human being to walk this earth. His name was Jesus, and He was hated so much for it that He was crucified. 

Corollary: Most people are about 90/10 on the perfection scale. The problem is we spend all our time focusing on and trying to fix the 10% that's not perfect instead of spending time enjoying the 90% that is. 

Addendum to the Corollary: There's no pleasing some people.


  1. These are words for live by. I have had trouble with #3 for most of my adult life. I think men and women should be able to be friends, but I am afraid my experiences have been that you are correct !

    1. Jane, I have found that many women have trouble with number 3. I'm not sure if it is willful naivete, unfettered optimism in the character of the male gender or some estrogen related psychosis, but even my beloved Queen is still shocked when guys she used to consider "just friends" confess their long supressed desire to marry her.

  2. Words of wisdom, my friend. More on #3, the phrase "it's not like that" is an excellent indication that it is actually exactly like that.

    1. Jennifer, pretty much. And just because he is married does not automatically make him exempt from the rule.


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