Friday, March 1, 2013

I Hope You Didn't Give Up Cuteness For Lent...

...'cause I have photos of the cutest baby in the world to share.

No, seriously. She really is the cutest.
All dolled up for a wedding...thankfully not hers yet.

She has her very own cowgirl hat courtesy of Auntie My Sister...The Devil

It's only taken 15 months, but J.G. has finally accepted M&M as a snuggle partner

Fresh out of the tub and chillin' with buddy bear


  1. Awwww...

    Lucky for you, I don't observe Lent, so I can have all of the cuteness you can dish out. Keep it coming.

    1. GunDiva, I don't observe Lent either. I used to work with a nice Catholic girl who made the made the mistake of asking me what she should give up for lent. I suggested she give up being Catholic. I thought it was funny. She didn't seem to appreciate it as much.


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