Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Joke and a New Follower

So, since the last post in which I welcomed the first new follower in a really long time, another person made the questionable decision to associate themselves with my little corner of the universe. According to Blogger (whose reliability in these matters is open to question), June M of the blog  Because of Match (http://becauseofmatch.com/) is the 67TH person to give me an ego boost. June, welcome. Say "hi" to everyone. There's some really nice folks who stop by here. Ignore GunDiva though...she has this "thing" with lamp shades. We don't talk about it. Much.

On with the joke. It's an old joke that some of you have probably heard before, and I certainly do not claim original authorship; BUT, it does have two things going for it: 1) it's clean, and 2) it makes me laugh.

So, a duck walks into a bar. The duck waddles up, hops on a barstool, looks the bartender straight in the eye and says "Got any grapes?" The bartender informs the duck that the bar does not serve any grapes. The ducks hops down and waddles out of the bar. 

The next night, the same duck waddles into the bar and proceeds to repeat the same request from the previous night to the same bartender. The bartender proceeds to politely inform the duck that nothing has changed since last night. The duck hops down of his stool and leaves. 

This goes on for several nights in a row with the bartender getting more and more frustrated each time until finally, one night, he yells at the duck, "Look!! If you ask for grapes one more time, I'm going to nail your bill to the bar."

The duck thinks the situation for a moment and then asks, "Okay then, do you have any nails?"

The bartender, completely deflated, says, "No."

The duck says, "Good. Got any grapes?"


  1. I have joined your blog. Please feel free to come visit mine at your leisure. I don't preach, I enlighten! ha ha ha the rat

    1. Mohave Rat, welcome. I will get a proper welcome posted when I have more free time and have had a chance to check out your blog.

  2. Daddy - don't believe a word that The Rat says - he is nothing but trouble - bahahahahhaah! he's also my big bro and that alone should warn you!

    anyway...your joke is lame.

    my all time favourite joke which still gets me slapping my thighs when i tell it...is this...

    who's there?
    Joe who?

    Joe Mamma!

    bhahahahahahahahaha! oh bahahahahahahahah! oh bahahahhahahahah!

    oh you gotta admit it....i am like exceptionally funny! joe mamma!

    oh bahahahahahahahahahahahhaah!

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I never said the joke wasn't lame. Here's one for you that just came to mind: You heard that Nancy Reagan's favorite meal is duck, right? She just can't say no to quack.

  3. Dude, I would say that you quack me up but I would be charged with the crime of telling a heinous joke. Hopefully I would be no-billed but you can never tell what is going to or roll off my back.

    1. Bob, I suddenly hear Daffy Duck emphatically yelling "I demand you shoot me now!!" in my head. Why is that?

  4. Oh Lord. Please, June M, don't be put off by his terrible joke. Sometimes, I swear he's a bit "touched" if ya know what I mean.

    Welcome to the tribe.

    1. GunDiva, I AM touched...by my wife. I quack myself up sometimes.


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