Friday, June 21, 2013

Mini Me and The Banshee Update

After the last update regarding our other two now former foster kids, life went somewhat back to normal.

There was a little bit of a tiff with bio mom over some personal items (toys and a bicycle) and clothes that didn't make it into the first round of items moved. I'm not sure exactly what she was expecting. In the eight or so months those kids were with us, they accumulated literally a truck load of stuff. Most of which was delivered by the bios themselves a few items at a time at each weekly parental visit. I'm not kidding here either. It took me and my father stuffing boxes and toys and other stuff into The Queen's Navigator and dad's pickup with an 8 foot trailer to get their stuff to the new fosters.

THEN, she complains that we didn't send Mini Me's old bike back with him (even though he had outgrown it AND had a new bike courtesy of Mimi) among other things. For some reason, she thought the best solution was to just drop by our house anytime she felt like it to get their stuff.

While they are not overtly bad people, they are not the people I feel comfortable with just dropping by unannounced. We offered to meet here at a neutral location of her choosing convenient to her pretty much anytime during normal waking hours. That suggestion was apparently not good enough. Something was mumbled about us not supposed to be having contact with them per CPS (which is complete and total horse guano...I think she just didn't want us to see how far the kids had regressed [more on that in a minute]). Threats were made to call the CPS caseworker (by her...not us); and, finally, our adoption agency caseworker got involved and acted as the go between/delivery service.

After that little drama, it was radio silence from bio mom for about four months.

Then, out of the blue, The Queen gets a text from bio mom asking if we had a problem with The Banshee sleeping through the night.

Bio mom claims that The Banshee would wake up crying in the night. The Queen asked if bio mom was picking her up and playing with her (which is what she was doing before they were taken away by CPS). Bio mom denied that, but said "I just go in there so she knows I'm there."

Uh huh. Color me skeptical.

After some more probing questioning by The Queen, bio mom finally admitted that she was back to her old habits again. Kids will sleep through the night IF YOU STAY OUT OF THE HABIT OF MESSING WITH THEM EVERY FIVE MINUTES YOU TWIT.

On a positive note, The Banshee is in the process of being potty trained. She is 21 months and has apparently grasped the concept of peeing in the potty chair. We were also told that she blows kisses at the picture The Queen sent of M&M to bio mom's cell phone. The Banshee could be a very sweet girl at times. I hope she gets the chance to stay that way.

No word on Mini Me's current status. I'm assuming he is enjoying his last summer of freedom before entering kindergarden in the fall. I'm willing to bet he has not come down from a sugar high since returning home. He'll be the only kid in his middle school with a full set of dentures if he's not careful.


  1. Poor kids. You and The Queen did well by them. Too bad their bio mom won't do the same.

    1. GunDiva, we did our best. I don't think it will be enough which is sad, but God did not intend for those two to be with us.


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