Friday, June 21, 2013

Fox News Has WAYYYY Too Much Time on Their Hands

Now, I know that the mainstream media went in the tank a long time ago and does everything in its power to avoid actual fact based reporting with any kind of integrity especially regarding anything vaguely important like EVERY SINGLE FRIKKIN' SCANDAL BLOWING UP IN DC RIGHT NOW!!!!!!


THIS is a tad ridiculous.

Someone at Fox thought it would be a great story to dig into whether the UNITED STATES NAVY has an opinion about whether or not CAP'N CRUNCH is a fraud.

You have GOT to be smokin' crack Batman. The press should be busy slow roasting the current administration over hot coals on a spit slathered in barbeque sauce NOT trying to determine whether a flippin' CARTOON character on a kids CEREAL box is "for realsies".

Bread and Circuses. The Romans at least had gladiator matches involving real men putting their lives on the line. We get stuck with American Idol and the NBA Finals.

If you will excuse me, I think I just prolapsed my spleen and the idea of getting drunk for breakfast just became very appealing. It's a shame I gave up profanity over a decade ago. The "universal adjective" yelled at high volume over a bullhorn would feel very cathartic right now.

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