Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday Funnies


I'm generally a fan of Ford's, but I have to say I think they lost their everlovin' minds calling a 4 door electric sedan a Mustang. 

I am not nearly as enamoured with Texas sweet tea as I used to be. I like to be able to taste the tea which is kinda the point. So, I usually go for half and half at restaurants. 

Herein lies a perfect example of my issues with EVs in general. The shear expense of properly maintaining an EV is mind boggling compared to a comparable gas engined car. I can go out tomorrow and buy a brand new, factory engine for my truck to the tune of $6000. A performance tuned crate motor might be twice that IF I'm feeling froggy and want more horsepower. A new Tesla battery is over $20,000 AND they have to be replaced every so many years because batteries lose their ability to charge over time. I will get 10-20 years out of a gas motor and 2-3 times the miles before I have to even think about a motor swap. Case on point: 2007 Lincoln Navigator sitting in the driveway with 303,000 miles. Still running strong. I know it has cam phaser issues. I know I'm on borrowed time with it. But  that's okay because it's PAID FOR, AND I know how to work on it. 

Have you MET My Sister...The Devil? Let's not get me started on the in-laws.

I should have done more of that, and I am trying to teach M&M to do that now.

I caught two FaceBook bans almost back to back for innocuous stuff. First was a 24 hour ban for using the phrase "Little Book of Hate" which was a direct quote of an OP in a comment. The second was a 48 hour ban for using the word "kidnap". 

Truth be told, they are all kinda crap cars. Of the choices offered, I would probably have to go the James Bond Aston Martin simply because of the toys. Having said that, I would fit better in The General Lee or the Starksy & Hutch Gran Torino. 

My Sister...The Devil is an avid crocheter. Does that make her a crochety old woman?

...AND peeing for distance.

This happens regularly. Sometimes even in the same neighborhood.


  1. The purpose of pushing hard for EVs is not because the are a viable replacement for ICE vehicles. They aren't. They are an EXCUSE to END production and support of ICE technology forcing us to adopt EVs. Which will NEVER be a viable replacement. The REAL goal is the end of privately owned transportation. PERIOD. They want all of us peons totally dependent on public transportation....which THEY control. Can't pose much of a threat to the powerful elite when you have to have THEIR permission to go anywhere.

    1. Daniel, as with most things coming out of the government these days, its about equal parts control and greed. I don't think anyone seriously believes that Al Gore's carbon tax credit scheme is really helping the planet; and, yet, it lives to make him immensely wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. I am under no illusions that EVs are a solution to anything but are, rather, a means to an end conceived by elitist twits sitting in urban areas that have well established public transportation options. Due the law of unintended consequences, they do not grasp (or worse do not care) that they have irrevocably screwed the electric grid to the point that we will be reduced to a third world, pre-industrial economy in short order.

  2. Good set today, you must be getting out of your funk, you are posting more! I had to laugh at several and of course steal some...

    1. Cederq, I'm not sure if the funk is gone or not, but i do want to post more.


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