Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My Sister...The Devil

 I give My Sister...The Devil a fairly healthy dose of crap here in my little corner of the world. It's what snarky siblings do, and it's not like she doesn't give me ample reason. For instance, the following photos were taken recently of MS...TD's childhood dollhouse preserved for posterity by our mother, Mimi. 

As you can see, something sick and twisted is lurking in MS...TD's head. Her children could not be reached for comment, and forensics suggests that the chopping block might have been bleached. Draw your own conclusions. 

Having said that, long time readers will recall that MS...TD is a budding smut serious author. Not too long ago, she succeeded in landing a publishing contract for her latest effort, And They Danced. I had an...ahem...opportunity to read an earlier version of the manuscript before MS...TD squared off against a New York (hack...spit) editor. I can honestly say with no sarcasm or crossed fingers that this one is/was tolerable(bear in mind, the genre is not my cup of tea...). 

So, if you are interested and in a position to throw a shekel or two towards some reading material for the outhouse, please consider My Sister...The Devil's latest offering as an alternative to the latest Tik Tok video. It should be released for sale on March 6TH if my understanding is correct.

P.S. I asked to write the author bio, but my request was rudely rejected. I did receive a lovely envelope with ashes in it though. 

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