Monday, January 17, 2011

It Followed Me Home...

...Can I keep it?

On Sunday, I went to yet another gun show. This time in Dallas.

The original intent was to go with the oldest nephew's roommate to a show since he missed out on the last show with the younger nephew, and he had mentioned an interest in getting a rifle. Unfortunately, the roomie missed out on this one as well due to being called into work for an all nighter due to a server crash. No worries. There will be another one.

I went ahead and went to this show since another friend of mine wanted to go as he had never been to a show either. This friend was born in Romania, and has lived here in the U.S. for about the last 20 or 25 years. He has never owned a gun, and I don't think he's ever shot anything larger than a BB gun. This friend brought along his cousin and the cousin's wife who just recently came over from Romania with the hopes of living here in the states permanently.

My friend is in the process of thinking about his first firearms purchase. He's leaning towards a 9mm semi auto and expressed an interest in the Browning Hi Power. At least he has good taste. I urged him to go to a range, get some instruction and rent a variety of guns to see what he is comfortable with. I also offered to take him and his wife out for a new shooter introduction. Hopefully, I'll be able to give a new shooter report before summer rolls around.

His cousin, however, WOW. I think we created a monster. I don't think I've ever seen someone quite so intensely enthusiastic about guns. Especially when you consider he grew up and was living until recently in a socialist country where firearms are heavily restricted. He was asking lots of questions and WANTING to learn about guns. Awesome. He and his wife will be getting a new shooter intro too as soon as we can arrange a suitable time.

Anyway, I had come into possession of a Taurus 24/7 OSS .45 with an M6 laser and compact flashlight as partial trade for an item I had for sale. As my faithful readers will recall, the Taurus is not on my wish list of guns. I took it as partial trade with the understanding that it had been purchased new with the laser for a little over $400 and was probably worth $250 or so on the used market. I briefly considered keeping it because it does have some nice features for a striker fired pistol, but I didn't like the trigger after dry firing it and wouldn't want to put money into it to get a trigger job done.

So, the Taurus went with me to the gun show as trade/sale fodder for something that IS on my wish list. After a couple of aborted attempts to make a trade for the Ruger SR40 that I've had my eye on lately, I was passing a table minding my own business when a gentlemen behind the table asked me those little five words: "Whatcha got in the box?" I handed it over for him to take a look, and he asked me what I was looking to get out of it. I threw out $350 to $400 as an opening salvo, and he broke out the Blue Book of Gun Values. It showed that the Taurus in 95% condition was worth about $365 (not including the laser). He offered $300 which I accepted since: 1) it was more than the notional trade value considered in the original deal that brought it into my possession, 2) it was $100 more than I had been offered on it in the previous two attempts to trade it away, 3) I wasn't likely to beat that by much, if any, trying to private sell it based on the Blue Book value, and 4) it put cash in hand to go purchase the key component to what will become the EBR zombie annihilator.  

It's a Spike's Tactical multi cal stripped lower receiver. The build plan is still in development; however, here are some of the ideas firmed up so far. I definitely want it to have a stainless, fluted barrel threaded to accept a sound suppressor (eventually), compensator or flash suppressor. I am leaning towards a 20" barrel length. I don't want anything longer than that and not shorter than 16". I want it to be a flat top to accept flip up iron sights, scope or holo sight. I'm still debating the stock. Since this will primarily be for target shooting/fun at the range and not serious competition or home defense, I'm thinking the A2 fixed stock will be fine. But, part of me wants the 6 position adjustable stock with the cheek piece. I still need to research triggers and twist rates and bolt carrier groups and gas vs. piston and all that. The important thing is that I have purchased the only part that the ATF considers to be a firearm. So, even if Congress is stupid enough to ban "assault weapons" again, I can still get parts.

More updates as events warrant.


  1. Welcome to the AR Brotherhood my friend! If you get a chance, check out my last post over at Point Blank Range. I been doing a little AR build my self. Keep us posted on your build. You may be familiar with and Weapon Evolution, but if not, check 'em out, they are full of good info.

  2. Blue Steel, thanks. I'll double check your blog as I don't recall seeing the post you mention and I would have jumped all over it. I am familiar with, but the other one you mention is new to me. I will definitely give it a look.

  3. just remember that when strays like that follow you home they're gonna want to be fed.

  4. Matthew, I know. It's a shame really. Now I'll just have to invest in that reloading equipment I've been thinking about.

  5. @Matthew,
    Erickson won't have trouble feeding that AR after he starts chasing ambulances and raking in the big $$. :-)

  6. Blue Steel, we'll have none of that ambulance chasing garbage in this household. I'm too defense oriented to take up the mantle of some of these sleazy plaintiff personal injury lawyers I have to deal with. Besides, I have too many connections on the defense side to pass up.

  7. Just a term of endearment my friend. I’m sure will make an ethical man of the law with the best interest of your clients always guiding you. Since you have to deal with “that” type of lawyer on a regular basis, I’m sure you constantly feel the need to wash and sanitize just from being in their presence. That would certainly keep you from the “dark side” of the profession.

  8. Blue Steel, no offense taken. Unfortunately, there are sleazy lawyers on both sides of the bar. You just have to mark them so that they can be avoided in the future.

  9. I haven't yet begun my AR build (darn it), but I do know that I'm going with a 6-position butt stock. The reason behind the decision (as opposed to RCC's decision to go with a rifle butt stock)is that it is easily adjustable to fit different shooters. It made my shotgun very versatile - I could properly fit the gun to multiple new shooters.

  10. GunDiva, get busy with it already. After careful consideration, I think I am going to go with the A2 fixed stock. Since I;m leaning towards a varmint/target set up, the fixed stock makes more sense not to mention the fact that I will be the main one shooting it. Having said that, I'm also think about getting a second upper for it with a carbine set up. If I do that, I will probably just go ahead and build a second lower as well or get a six position stock to swap out as need/want dictates.


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