Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick...Call The News

It's seems that Al Qaeda has infiltrated a terrorist cell into the sleepy bedroom community that is the Dallas suburb in which Castle Erickson is located. I think they must have given up wholesale terrorism in favor of the retail variety. That, or suicide bombings and airliner hijackings are so passe'.

How do I know that Castle Erickson has been infiltrated you ask? Well, at first it was just little things like the DSL connection inexplicably going down for no reason. Perhaps it was their way of communicating by hijacking my signal. That was annoying, but decidedly not terrifying. Next was the demolition of the shower...wait a minute, scratch that. I demolished the shower at The Queen's behest. Perhaps she thought Al Qaeda had seeded the walls with mold or something.

Now, however, there is no denying the existence of an Al Qaeda cell in the castle following the discovery of a dead body. In the back yard no less.

The horror this poor soul must have experienced must have been unimaginable. No responsibility for this travesty was claimed; however, the beheading and body placement are classic Al Qaeda signatures.

The main suspect in the investigation has been under suspicion for some time. Here is a recent photo to be used for wanted posters.

Note the attempt to avert the eyes away from prying cameras. Note the complete and total disrespect for authority by sticking out the tongue. Investigators believe this subject to be the master mind behind to plot to depose The Queen; however, the actual perpetrator of this crime is believed to be a long time accomplice who can be recognized from this undated file photo.

If you should spot either of these two suspected terrorists, don't attempt to detain them without a Holy Hand Grenade. Call authorities immediately.


  1. I have a squeeky plastic holy hand grenade of antioch. (purchased with the squeeky bomb, and squeeky stick o dynomite). Unfortunately, Master Barkley chewed off its pin, and hid the remains.

    G dog used her connections to cover for him.

  2. Brigid, I assume you informed Master Barkley that when Mr. Pin is chewed off, Mr. Hand Grenade is no longer our friend.

  3. Dude, that just made me snort. And be super glad that Grace's dogs are currently residing with my parents.

  4. HA!.

    I forgot to tell you, you've been added to the HOTR sidebar under "assortment of interest".

    welcome (but you have been for a long time)

  5. Candance, the snark gets powerfully strong in me when there are IT issues with the company network.

  6. Brigid, sweet! That's the best news I've had all day. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Nothing boosts the self esteem like recognition from those you respect and admire.


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