Monday, August 12, 2013

Daddy Hawk is Punch Drunk

Today has been a long *$$ day. 

It started at 3:45 AM after getting to bed just after 10:00 PM and not sleeping very well at all. That's never a good combination. If you have not tried it yet, there's not much I can say to recommend it. 

The reason for the early wake up call was the need to be in Houston by 8:00 AM to attend a mock trial in the biggest case I have pending at work. In fact, it's probably the single biggest case in terms of overall exposure, dollars spent to date, etc. that I can think of in my career to date. It involves a fatality, multiple other parties, whacked out coverage issues, bad faith, errors and omissions and a host of other issues. The purpose of today's exercise was to help the excess carrier, based in London, get a handle on the potential exposure. 

I can't give any other details right now; but, eventually, this case will be a case study within our company. And not in a particularly good way either. It's been handled properly from our side of things, but the complexity of the issues have turned it into a nightmare. 

I will say that today was very educational for me as I've never served on a jury, mock or otherwise, and, to be able to watch the mock jury deliberations from behind mirrored glass was very instructive. It reminded me that I've been doing this job entirely too long, and the things I think are important in a case are not necessarily the things a jury will find important. 

Any way, now I am back at the airport waiting on dinner to arrive so that I can scarf down something resembling food before boarding my flight to arrive home at roughly 10:00 PM just in time to collapse into bed so that I can catch some shut eye before M&M wakes me up at 7:30 AM and I while away the hours before my 2:45 PM departure tomorrow afternoon for Minneapolis. 

It's the crazy time of year for travel for me. 

Next week will probably find me back in Houston unless I can delegate or deflect. 

I'm so not looking forward to that. Houston traffic sucks. 

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