Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Proto Blog

I'm on the road again today for what I hope will be a day trip to Houston. So, in lieu of actually thinking while trying to wake up at an obscene predawn hour, I'm going to set the way back machine to a time before there was a blog named Preachers and Horse Thieves. About three or four years before I started this mess, I kept a journal of sorts collecting miscellaneous thoughts, silly comments, failed attempts at poetry and other stupidity. I will now share some of those gems with you. Not the failed poetry though. There are limits to what I will inflict upon you. 

Where's my mind? I don't know. I didn't follow it. 

If horizontal stripes make you look fat and vertical stripes make you look thin, does plaid bend the laws of physics?

The only casualty was a rabbit that thought it was a speed bump.

He had a gun collection larger than some gun stores or third world countries. 

Did you hear about the bishop arrested for selling relics of dearly deceased pontifs? It was a clear case of pope dealing. 

How can things be new AND improved? It's either all new or it's been recently improved. 


  1. ugh. you need some sleep. and i think i'd prefer the failed poetry rather than this - bahahahahahah! sorry buddy!

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, ouch. Nice to know I can count on someone to tell the painful truth.

  2. buddy - i got yer back - bahahahahah!


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