Friday, June 11, 2010

New Paint Job - Part 2

Yep. Couldn't stand it any longer. Blogger puts up a new design tool to tweak the look, and I just had to play with it. Not sure I'm done playing with it yet, but I like this for the moment.


  1. Very sleek and modern. Well done K. :)

  2. I'm afraid to mess with mine, but I'd like to have a wider text box. Maybe I'll get brave soon.

  3. Mel, thanks. Sleek and modern wasn't exactly my intent, but I'll take it.

    GunDiva, fear not. Blogger makes it easy says the techno challenged Preacher. With the new templates, they even have slider bars for column width that will give you more room where you want it...subject to the limitations of the template. Like, with this template, my monitor (17" wide screen) has about 2 inches of wasted space on both sides and I've got the slider bars maxed out. Play around with it. If you don't like it...don't hit save changes.


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