Monday, March 21, 2011

D'oh...[Face Palm]

I really, really hate it when I make a mistake. I really and truly loathe it when I make a mistake on something important. For instance, my law school application. I dutifully logged in to the super secret status check page thoughtfully provided by Texas Wesleyan this morning hoping for, but not expecting, an update since this is their first day back in the office after Spring Break. 

Lo and behold, there was a status update. At 8:30 something this morning no less. The status said:
we noted that your application had incomplete Character and Fitness information
They provided me with a person and a phone number to call (the same one that was listed last week) which I did immediately. The person answered the call on the second 8:30 something this morning no less. I was expecting her to tell me that they were waiting on the last of my letters of recommendation to come in. 

I was not expecting her to tell me that my college transcripts didn't match up with the info reported in my application. Question 10.(a) of the application reads thusly:
(a)  Has any college, university, or law school ever dropped, dismissed, disciplined, disqualified, or placed you on academic probation for academic or behavioral reasons or were you allowed to resign or withdraw in order to avoid academic or disciplinary action?  Are any disciplinary charges pending or expected to be brought against you at any college or university?  (The record of such action need not be retained in your file to require disclosure.)         
When I first submitted my application, I answered that question in the negative. 

Imagine my surprise this morning when I was informed that my college transcript reflected academic probation from fall of 1990 to spring of 1992.


I had completely forgotten about ever being on probation even though my college grade reports, which I have dutifully kept even after almost 20 years, clearly states that I was on probation during the time frame in question. I guess I should have taken a closer look at those grade reports before completing my application. I don't even have a good excuse for it like being in the middle of fraternity hazing or incapacitated by a horrible accident.

So anyway, the nice lady at Texas Wesleyan explained exactly what I needed to do which was submit an updated application page correcting 10.(a) from "no" to "yes" with a written explanation as to why that particular college felt the need to stick a dunce cap on my head for the better part of a year. I cobbled together what I feel is a plausible if somewhat vague explanation true to the best of my knowledge given the fact that it's been almost 20 years since and I have no specific memories of much of anything relating to the three courses that I failed leading to my probation. Much has transpired since then as you might imagine.

Hopefully they will have mercy on me given that: 1) it's been 20 years, 2) my GPA from my major courses was 3.15, 3) I did make the honor roll after being released from probation, and 4) I've spent the last 15 almost 16 years handling litigated insurance claims. That and 5 lawyers were willing to sign their names to letters stating that I know what the heck I'm doing and would make a good lawyer...without me paying them to say so.


  1. I hope everything goes smooth from here on out!

  2. Otherwise they'll have to answer to ME.

    Not that I have any influence, but I CAN ask a lot of questions. :-P

    Seriously: You are overdue for good news.

  3. Oh jeez, if I'd gotten to that part of the application, I would have just thrown it away. I was *ahem* uninvited back for my second semester at Fort Lewis because of my 0.0 GPA from first semester.


    Luckily, I've moved past that and managed to get a degree from CSU, but that GPA wouldn't help me out at all either.

    You'll get in. There's something to be said for the life experience you're bringing to the table.

  4. GunDiva, I sure hope so. And I really think there should be bonus points for stubborn, sticktoitiveness (if that's even a word). I mean, really, lesser people would have gotten discouraged and given up. I think someone who takes a step back, assesses the situation and kicks the system right back in the 'nads says something.

  5. Good luck! I can't even remember that far back, so I surprised they are so pissy about it. There should be a statute of limitations. :D

    W/V "mencedes" A car a Mensa member drives.

  6. Christina, thanks. I am hopeful that their pissyness is at an end. Although, in fairness, their stated concern was that my answer to the question on the application was different than what was reflected in my transcripts. It was an honest mistake on my part as I really did not recall being on probation. Hopefully they will see that and move on.


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