Friday, February 28, 2014

More Cuteness

Well, it's Friday, and I've got nothing brilliant for you all today. So, allow me to distract you into the weekend with more recent photos of The Cutest Little Girl in the World (TM).

Ahma gonna make 'em an offa they can't refuse.

A happy girl and a proud Daddy Hawk

Sweet little girl kisses

Mimi and M&M studying something intently

Riding the Carousel unassisted (but not unattended)

She picked out he own horsey..."dis one"..."tink que"

Okay daddy, I've tackled him. Now what do I do?

M&M's costume for a church social this weekend


  1. She's as cute as a bug in a rug....I miss and remember those kind of days.

  2. Stephen I couldn't agree more. She still gets compliments everywhere we go.


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