Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Unfortunately, some mangy twit has discovered my blog and decided to inundate me with a bunch of anonymous spam comments on old posts. In the triumph of optimism over experience, Senor Spammer has not figured out that comment moderation has been turned on for older posts. Having said that, I'm tired of having to go in several times a week to clear out his/her/their crap. So, I've changed the comment settings to require a Google account as opposed to allowing anonymous commenters. If you are a long time follower without a Google account affected by this twit, drop me a line. I'll see what we can work out.


  1. Ah yes, the spam-grunge which accumulates on old posts. We hates them.

    1. Sarge, hate is probably too strong a word. Loathe comes to mind. Nuisance for sure. Rankled is good. Extreme dislike definitely. Don't mind me while I put out a hit on an as yet unidentified computer lurking in some spammer's basement.


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