Saturday, March 9, 2019

Puppy Update - And Then There Were Two

Once the pups were declared adoptable by the vet last Saturday, we (and by we I mean mainly The Queen) set about marketing puppies like we were selling refrigerators to Eskimos. I honestly didn't think we would have much trouble giving away free puppies (Mimi has declined to accept any money to recoup what she's spent in the last seven weeks); and, for the most part, I've been right it seems. Within days of Mimi green flagging the release of the hounds, all but two have found their forever homes.

Last night saw the delivery of Sneezy and Grumpy to a set of best friends. I must admit that I had become quite attached to Grumpy. He is a quiet soul who just wants to be loved, and THAT FACE!!! Oh my, he had the cutest puppy dog face I've seen in ages. I was very close to taking him off the market for myself when The Queen announced that he had been chosen by a family who had just lost their dog of 13 years to cancer. They have a 6 year old boy who will give him plenty of attention. Who can argue with that? Still, it was hard to let the little guy go. Sneezy's new momma is already spoiling her rotten. She was so excited to get her new fur baby, she went to PetSmart and got everything she could possibly need. Late last night, we received a text with a photo of Sneezy passed out in a pile of toys. She's in good hands.

Tonight, Sleepy goes to his new forever home. His new momma is veterinary technician at our vet's office who is also super excited to be bringing Sleepy home; and, as she pointed out, he will get excellent care since she works for our vet's office.

Tomorrow, Dopey goes on a little road trip with Mimi and Niece I Do It to meet up with his new forever family that lives in Colorado. They are expecting a new baby and wanted to the baby and puppy to grow up together. They are meeting up midway-ish in Abilene.

Sunday, Snow White and Happy will be coming home with us. Snow White will be staying here in Casa de Daddy Hawk while Happy goes to her new home Monday morning. M&M cannot wait for Snow White to get here.

That leaves Doc and Bashful as the two remaining pups in need of new homes. If no one claims Doc, I'll probably claim him as a Grumpy understudy. I'm a little surprised that Bashful hasn't been claimed yet. We all thought he would be the first to go.

Go figure.

We wish all the puppies well. I may post photos from time to time depending on what updates we get, if any.

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